Card 03.04 Barn and workshop



  1. Bumps to things or people (due to machines and vehicles manoeuvres)
  2. Risk of unintentional fire (due to leak of fuel from cans or containers, electrical system's and lorry's short-circuit)
  3. Fall from heights (due to presence and use of ladders and mezzanines)
  4. Cuts, crushing, shears cuts, material projections (due to equipment, machineries and work tools use)
  5. Electrocution (due to worker coming into contact with unsafe wire, system and equipment and lacking or inappropriate earthing system)
  6. Chemical products inhalation (due to vehicles' exhaust fumes and asbestos presence)


It is necessary to remind that:
Activities performed in closed areas incur in considerable risks, sometimes they are more serious than those incurring on the open air, such as escape route emergency. Exemplary behaviour is required whenever worker operates in closed areas.




If flammable liquids are stored (e.g. fuel cans and oils), it is necessary to place them in decentralized zones and inside containment basin (even simple tight basin).


At least 1 powder fire extinguisher shall be put next to the entrance.


Barn and workshop shall be kept tidy and clean. Exits shall not be blocked by equipment or left materials (they become obstacles in case of emergency) and every leak of fuel shall be immediately dried, even with sand.


The area shall be provided with fixed quite visible signals which explain general behavioural norms: ban on depot approaching by outsiders, ban on smoking and on using open flames; adequate DPI use obligation (safety shoes, gloves, goggles etc); telephone numbers (at least 115 and 118).


Areas shall be properly ventilated to minimize the risk of gas and vapours accumulation.


Integrity and suitability of the electrical system shall always be checked (if present).


Parapets shall be installed, were it necessary, and ladders shall be fixed (if present).


If there is the suspicion of the asbestos presence (covering or insulation sheets) ­ which is cancerogenous material easy to inhale - :

  • it is necessary to verify the actual asbestos presence in the suspicious material (ask to an engineer; usually sheets installed before 1992 contain asbestos);
  • if the as best os presence is confirmed, it is necessary to verify if the cover is integral (without breaks, approximate cuts, atmospheric degradation which let the operator think fibres will disperse in the air.);
  • if the cover is destroyed and disperses fibres, the danger exists: a firm specialized in asbestos risk containment shall be called (encapsulation, removal etc);
  • in any case, AUSL shall be called to establish the right procedures to adopt whenever intervention is needed.


As for the garaging barn:

  • drivers shall be extremely careful when performing manoeuvres with vehicles and machines: they shall make sure neither people nor things are nearby the manoeuvring area
  • it is necessary to verify if a curved mirror shall be installed to improve visibility;
  • engines shall not be kept running for a long period of time on the inside of the barn;
  • were it necessary,apply to battery vehicles a locking supplementary switch of the electric system.


As for the workshop:

  • it is necessary to check the adequacy of used tools: removed protections and the locking switch (red "mushroom") shall be replaced in position;
  • maintenance of tool machinery shall be carried out regularly;
  • every tool shall be tidied up after each use and machine tools shall be cleaned, put away and protected with a safety system (were it necessary, plugs shall be pulled out from sockets);
  • electric wires' integrity shall be checked regularly;
  • empty or full bottles (e.g.welding ones) shall be fixed to the wall with chains, or leave them in the transport trolley.



  • Smoking must be forbidden.
  • Worker shall report immediately to the employer any leaks.
  • Mechanical vehicles shall not be driven next to depots.
  • Wastes (oily rags, waste papers, plastic containers, used oils, flat batteries etc) shall be collocated in decentralized areas and in "trigger-free" zones.
  • Worker shall follow the instructions provided by the employer on how to behave during emergencies. If these have not been provided, the worker shall try to find information.


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