Card 05.09 Cylinder mowers



  • Crushing (during machine-tractor connecting operations and due to machine instability and fall during separating phase)
  • Fluid projection under pressure (hydraulic pipes wrong connection and/or pipes breaks)
  • Entangling and dragging (body or clothes touching moving devices such as belts and multiplying transmissions)
  • Contact with projected materials (projection of stones and materials intercepted by the blades, or fragments of tools themselves which break)
  • Contact, cut and shearing (with moving shearing devices)




Operator shall be careful while coupling devices or machine parts.


Operator shall not wait in the connecting area in tractor’s coupling phase.


It is necessary to check machine stability.


On moving devices, while operators are working, a protection shall be provided (sheet, rigid protection without holes, chains or rubber devices) to prevent material projection.


In case of rigid protection, metal hinges shall be kept lubricated and in good maintenance.


The mower shall be provided with barrier laterally, frontally and at the back to force safety distance respect.


Operator shall not go by moving shearing devices, in case of machine stop, motion transmission shall be disconnected before any intervention (switch off the engine).


Each device and motion transmission element shall be protected with cases or other types of protection any time they pose hazard.


Hinged cases which open on the upper side shall be provided with support systems to hold them in the open position.



  • It is necessary to check compatibility between machine and tractor.
  • Staff shall attend specific training courses. The machine shall be operated only by authorized operators, fully formed and provided with specific driving licence.
  • It is advisable to keep clean the machines removing foreign material (detritus, mowing remains etc) which may harm the operator and may damage the machine’s working.
  • While using these machines, operator shall pay attention to specific crop which, if high, may hidden small animals or dangerous obstacles.
  • It is necessary to substitute protection hinges whenever worn out.
  • It is forbidden to substitute cutting tools with non-original or incompatible spare parts.
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Immagine di prova

Bandelle metalliche di protezione contro il lancio di materiale

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Immagine di prova

Protection metal hinges against material projection