Card 05.16 Towed pick-up baler



  • Baler overturning or rearing up (due to wrong manoeuvres; ground subsidence and wrong weight estimation)
  • Moving parts touching (due to protection lack)
  • Accidental fall (climbing up/going off the vehicle)
  • Overheated parts touching (if they are not protected)
  • Crushing (misunderstandings and mistakes between operators while coupling and separating machines)
  • Bumps, collisions and running down (while running)
  • Dragging and entangling (due to power take-off or transmission devices touching)
  • Trapping (while unflooding compression chamber)
  • Machine in fire (caused by overheating due to seizing of steamroller support bearings)
  • Damages caused by gas and dust inhalations (fumes produced by the tractor’s engine and dust and pollen lifting)
  • Hearing damages (use of noisy machines)
  • Musculoskeletal pains (repetitive truck use and vibrations)




If intervention is needed, switch off the tractor’s engine, remove the key and wait until the moving devices are completely still (they may move for long, even due to inertia).


The operator shall not go by the compression chamber. Specific manoeuvres are required to perform the unflooding. Adequate tools are needed and must not be used if the engine is still running. The operator must never perform these manoeuvres with arms or legs.


The operator shall keep a safety distance from uncovered mechanisms (He/she risks to be entangled and dragged towards cutting parts and crushed).


The belt zone shall always be protected with adequate cases.


During maintenance or repair, hinged cover’s locking devices shall be securely fixed.


Without having inserted locking rod to the hinges, the operator shall not enter in the compression chamber of the roller press, under the opened discharging hinged cover.


The operator shall not wait next to the round bale discharging zone.


The operator shall avoid discharging round bales on sloping ground (they may roll away). If necessary, they shall be put on the flat surface.



  • It is necessary to check compatibility between machine and tractor.
  • The operator shall pay attention to the manual activation of machine’s parts.
  • If it is not already incorporated, it is necessary to provide protection spreading bars next to the feeding zone of the folder.
  • If it is not already incorporated, it is necessary to provide the machine with an “uncoupling” safety device capable to quickly block its functioning if the operator is trapped in.
  • In prismatic bale balers it is necessary to install protections for folder, wrapping organs and the needles support arm, if not already incorporated.
  • If it is not already incorporated, it is necessary to provide the machine with a front spread bar of the picking roller and the folder loading opening (rigid bar placed 30 cm from the device and 70-100 cm from the ground).
  • Controls, which can be activated from the tractor manoeuvre seat, shall be electronic.
  • Machine shall be provided with locking wedges to use during coupling phase in order to avoid overturning or accidental moving.
  • The towing eye shall be articulated.
  • Accessible service zones over 1,5 m of height shall be provided with platforms and ladders with platforms.
  • Service platforms over 15 m of height shall be provided with “normal” parapet.
  • A fire extinguisher shall be provided on the machine or on the towing tractor.
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Trapping and dragging danger

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Uncovered wrapping zone

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Covered wrapping zone

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