Card 05.06 Slurry tanker



  • Tanker or accessories explosion or implosion (due to content fermentation, relief valves wrong functioning and pressure and vacuum stress of the tanker)
  • Power overhead wires accidental contact (in machines whose filling or injection and spreading arm can overcome 4m)
  • Entangling and dragging (due to the propeller shaft)
  • Gas inhalation and suffocation inside the tank (access without proper protections)
  • Lateral overturning (due to ground subsidence or wrong manoeuvre)




It is necessary to adopt a supporting foot capable to bear the tow-bar in order to facilitate linking operation of the towed machines.


It is necessary to check always tyre pressure. It is forbidden to omit working pressure and check manometer.


It is advisable to avoid wrong safety valve setting, it shall never be inactive.


It is forbidden to stop for long the machine with the tank in pressure (depressurisation risk due to content fermentation).


It is necessary to check for power overhead wires and the risk of touching them while opening the spreading arm.


It is forbidden to use the propeller shaft and power take-offs without protections or in bad conditions and without respecting both rotation direction and number of revolutions.


It is advisable to avoid wearing fluttering clothes (use rubber band on wrists and ankles).


It is forbidden to enter in the tank without adopting adequate protections if sludge and/or dangerous gasses remains are still there.


It is forbidden to use open flames next to the equipment for in the tank are produced toxic and flammable gasses.


It is forbidden to eat during working.


It is necessary to use DPI (overall, respirator and gloves).


While towing the tank, it is necessary to check if the towing eye is articulated to avoid the overturning of the tractor-machine system.



  • It is necessary to check compatibility with tractors.
  • It is necessary to empty filling or injection arms before their transport, maintenance or storage.
  • It is necessary to check periodically the tank pressure system: visual check of weld, manometer and safety valve.
  • Compulsory check shall be performed by qualified bodies on tank integrity. The outcome shall be written down on the appropriate handbook.
  • It is necessary to remove flammable gasses from the tank before any welding.
  • It is necessary to adopt adequate precautions before entering the tank (for example remove solid parts from the inside of the tank, before opening the tank check the pressure, use the respirator and ensure a presence of an operator on the outside of the tank).
  • People shall keep a safety distance from the machine while it is working.
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Propeller shaft and power take-off complete with whole protection

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Articulated towing eye