Card 03.03 Gas and LPG tank



  1. Irritation (due to direct/indirect contact with flammable product caused by container overturning/fall/breaking; due to worker's fall/slip/stumble/bump/entangle)
  2. Fire/explosion which harms people and causes facility damages (caused by unintentional leak or spil of flammable products and presence of triggers)
  3. External people's involvement and other similar injuries (acceding not manned areas and/or unattended products; due to wrong attention or unforeseen event occurred while feeding tanks or machines)
  4. Ground/groundwater/surface waters pollution (caused by unintentional product leak; by trucks overturning; by container/canister reversal during pouring or during loading and unloading operation)


It is necessary to remind that:
The danger of farm areas in which flammable liquids are concentrated or stocked is always underestimated. It is necessary to develop worker's sensitivity and forbid smoking and using open flames next to depots. Moreover, it is necessary to keep informed on fire fighting specific norms until the Farm obtains a Fire Preventing Certificate (CPI) in case it overcomes certain capacity limits. The instructions to follow are useful simplifications to supply the Farm with the bare minimum. It is necessary to refer to Fire Brigades or skill ed professionals in order to successful y complete the path according to the specific characteristics of the Farm.




The gas tank shall:

  • be validated by Ministry of the Interior;
  • have a containment basin wit hat leas at 50% capacity of the entire container volume;
  • be provided with a fire-proof roof(e.g.metallic material) which protects it from atmospheric agents;
  • be provided with warning signals (ban on smoking and on using open flames; hazard caused by flammable liquid presence);
  • be positioned at 3m distance at least from fire hazard areas and farm borders;
  • be surrounded for at least 3m by an empty area with no vegetation;
  • be provided with 3 portable fire extinguishers(powder ones with a capacity of 6kg each at least);
  • be provided with earthing wire and validated electrical systems and devices;
  • be regularly painted and protected from corrosion (especially if it is positioned next to rails).


The LPG tank shall (if it is not sunken):

  • be positioned at 5m distance at least(if its capacity is < 3 m3), at 7,5 m (if its capacity is between 3 and 5 m3), at 15 m (if its capacity is between 5 and 13 m3) from facilities, sewer pipe openings, closed underground passages, ignition sources, openings located at the same tank level and communicating with rooms located under the ground and flammable/combustible material warehouses;
  • have depot hazardous elements confined within a metallic net fence of, at least, 1,8 m height and shall be provided with a door that opens on the outside complete with padlocks. The fence is not necessary if the area is already fenced off.
  • be surrounded for at least 5m by an empty area with no vegetation;
  • be provided with fixed and quite visible signals which comprehend: ban on depot approaching by outsiders, ban on smoking and on using open flames, behavioural norms, Fire Brigades' and engineer of LPG distribution company's telephone numbers (to call in case of emergency);
  • be provided with 2 portable powder fire extinguishers with a capacity of 6kg (up to 5m3 depot) or of 9 kg (over 5m3 depot), next to the reservoir;
  • be protected by all east a DN 25 reel(if the capacity is > 5m3).


Generally the worker shall:

Respect the ban on smoking or using flammable materials next to depots.

Report immediately to the employer any leaks.

Avoid to leave combustible material next to depots.

If cans are used (e. g. petrol can to fill the hedge trimmer/chainsaw tank etc), operate with extreme caution and shall not leave cans under the sun or in passages. Cans shall be validated.

Follow the instructions provided by the employer on how to behave during emergencies. If these have not been provided, the worker shall get the information by the employer.



  • Fire hazard shall never be underestimated.
  • Worker shall be careful while driving (his/her own car or agricultural vehicles) near depots: he/she shall proceed slowly and with prudence.
  • If fire extinguishers are not provided, worker shall keep a pail of sand next to flammable liquid depot.


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