Card 04.06 Noise, vibrations and polluting gas



  • Mucosa irritation (eyes and lungs, up to chronic bronchitis and emphysema)
  • Central nervous system disorders (headache and balance loss)
  • Poor hearing, up to perforation of the tympanic membrane
  • Disease of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory system
  • Tiredness and irritability
  • Concentration falling
  • Efficiency and attention loss
  • Difficulty in word transmission and comprehension
  • Vascular injuries (finger's arteries occlusion)
  • Bones and cartilage injuries of wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • Tendon inflammation
  • Headache, anxiety and hand sensibility alteration


It is necessary to remind that:
Some aspects of daily work are underestimated and considered negligible for they do not cause immediately considerable harm, but they can seriously harm on the long run. For this reason they shall be considered as hazardous as the other risks and prevention is necessary to reduce their negative effects.




Adequate maintenance and vehicle settings shall be carried out.


Periodical medical examination shall be done.


Work organisation shall include rest breaks.


Job rotation shall be scheduled for operators.


Information and training shall be carried out on risks, on possible consequences and on P.P.E. proper use.




It is necessary to put a "no entry" signal to noisy areas.


It is necessary to provide workers with P.P.E. against noise (safety earmuffs and earplugs) and make sure they use them.


Maintenance of silencer and farm machine engine unloading elements shall be carried out regularly. Worn out machine parts shall be changed and moving elements shall be lubricated and greased.


Technical progress shall be followed adopting new equipment or machines less noisy or acoustically isolated.




It is necessary to adopt reduced vibration emission equipment.


It is necessary to provide worker with P.P.E. which dampen vibrations (e.g. gloves with neoprene).


Polluting gas


Adequate maintenance and vehicle settings shall be carried out.
It is necessary to keep machines running for a short time while in closed areas.


It is necessary to operate machines in closed areas respecting operating criteria.


If the emissions are frequent, it is necessary to guarantee the natural ventilation and adopt forced air extraction equipment which shall ensure a substantial change of air.



  • Vehicles shall be kept in working order and regular maintenance shall be carried out (silencer, enclosable driver's cab etc).
  • It is necessary to keep DPI clean and in working order.
  • Before buying a machine, it is advisable to check its noisy level. However the lesser noisy machine shall be bought.
  • It is recommended to work with vehicles provided with enclosable driver's cab (and equipped with a/c).
  • It is necessary to read the machine's operating and maintenance handbook (taking scrupulous care of noisy emissions and their maintenance).
  • It is forbidden to work with the doors of the enclosable driver's cab opened (the noise enters in the cab).
  • It is necessary to avoid particular long work shifts.
  • If the worker operates with vehicles without enclosable driver's cab, he/she shall use ear's DPI
  • People exonerated from regular visits to the Company Physician shall inform the doctor or the employer in case of poor hearing, buzzing, singing etc.
  • Worker shall not exacerbate the situation with a systematic and continuing participation to noisy activities outside working hours.
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