Card 05.03 Mixer feeder wagons



  • Catching, dragging and contact (with moving and motion transmission devices)
  • Operator fall (in the hopper where the agitator augers' cutters are placed and in the vehicle's climb and descent phase)
  • Contact with moving parts (screws in the rear part of the machine; drum and silage cutter and conveyor belt)
  • Shearing (between "L arms" and body)
  • Impact due to material projection
  • Accidental control activation (due to unintentional bump on command lever)
  • Crushing
  • Overturning
  • High pressure oil squirt (hydraulic pipeline's break or wear)
  • Running down (during manoeuvre operations)
  • Dust, noise, vibration




In towed silage trailers with horizontal augers, when the silage milling cutter is lifted and it is not in rest position, a passage creates in an extremely hazardous zone (where augers with silage cutters are placed). So, when the arm with the milling cutter is lifted, a protection shall automatically activate to prevent operator's access to the augers area (moving rear barrier).


The engine must be switched off and the vehicle must be stopped before performing any type of intervention.


While using the unloading belt, the operator must pay attention to any contact with the conveyor belt and the agitator auger.


It is necessary to isolate, through a case, all the lateral unloading belt parts and provide the machine with two covers in order to avoid coming in contact with the agitator auger through the discharge opening.


It is forbidden to stand on a silo.


Operator shall not carry out tasks on work surfaces next to the upper edge of the hopper or on the machine.


During maintenance operations it is forbidden to wait under lifted "L arms" without having inserted locking rods on hinges, without having activated locking devices on hydraulic cylinders and without having switched off the engine and removed the key.


The milling cutter controls shall be used from the driving seat through jog command or through a manual lever system easy to reach from the ground or from a work surface.


Rotation controls of the milling cutters and of the bearing milling cutter arms lifting/lowering must be of "dead man switch" kind and intentional.


In the manoeuvre seat, controls shall be provided with a protective bow to avoid operator's accidental bumps causing their activation.


Control devices shall be easily recognizable through places which help the operator to understand the command function.


It is forbidden to stand between a tractor and a machine while they are working.



  • It is necessary to check compatibility with tractors (in case of towed trucks).
  • Rotation direction, propeller shaft number of revolutions and power take off's shall be respected.
  • The visibility of the silage shall be guaranteed from the manoeuvre seat.
  • The operator shall be very careful and shall follow the user's manual precautions during unblocking operations.
  • The machine shall be loaded with proper devices.
  • It is necessary to place warning signals next to dangerous zones.
  • It is forbidden to climb on the loading device and use it as a lifter.
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