Card 09.01 Kitchens and food preparation



  1. Materials and objects falling (even sharp, pointy and hot)
  2. Bumps/entangling in objects or people
  3. Fall (due to operator's slip/stumble)
  4. Burns and scalds (due to hot fluids/materials and hot system parts)
  5. Hands and arms stab wound (due to use and clean of manual and electric equipment and machines: knives, slicers, mincers etc)
  6. Injuries caused by operator coming in contact with electrical parts (due to poor maintenance and use of invalidated systems and equipment)
  7. Dermatosis and allergies (due to chemical products and detergents use)
  8. Tiredness/blood pressure decrease (due to high temperature and humidity)
  9. Poor hearing/stress(due to equipment and air extraction system)


It is necessary to remind that:
Operator's safety managing process has priority over the food chain protection and over its "risk analysis" (HACCP).




Each equipment/electrical toll shall be provided with low-voltage relay (if they may suddenly activate after power cut) and with stop and start button placed on the side of the machine.


Slicers shall be provided with interlocks on the sharpener protection and on the blade protection case, whereas electrical mincers shall meet regulations to prevent hands reaching the worm crew.


Natural and artificial lighting shall be suitable for the performed task.


Floors shall be even, without holes, obstacles and subsidences.


Rooms shall be adequately ventilated and complete with air extraction systems over the cooking and frying surfaces to guarantee good connection between temperature and humidity and avoid hazardous gasses/vapours accumulation.


Operator shall be provided with adequate clothing while passing from a hot room to a colder one (e.g. cold chamber).


Recipients with hot liquids shall be filled up to 60-70% of their maximum capacity, were it necessary, pumps shall be used to decant them.


Usually the door between the kitchen and the hall shall be made of fireproof material. It is necessary to check if a REI door is needed.


Cookers shall be provided with a thermostatic valve to interrupt gas feeding if the flame dies down.


The electrical system shall conform to rooms in which it is used and shall be regularly checked.


Working places ergonomics may be improved (height of support surfaces, shelvings etc).


Heavy weight shall be transported with suitable lifting or moving machines.


Floor shall be frequently cleaned, and suitable signals shall be placed when the floor is drying.

Operator shall use adequate P.P.E.(steel mesh safety gloves during meat manual cutting or sharp tools cleaning and anti-skid shoes against humidity).



  • Operator shall move around carefully due to limited spaces.
  • Were it necessary, adequate ventilation systems shall be provided avoiding cold draughts.
  • Operator shall be informed and trained on risks.
  • Air extraction system shall be regularly cleaned from greasy and oily remains avoiding cooker flames to reach the air extraction system. This may cause fire.
  • Pay particular attention to the use of the fryer (if any).


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