Card 04.08 Access, lifting and stability



  • Fall or slipping while climbing into/getting out of a vehicle (caused by mud, detritus, vegetables, oil and grease remains; lack of balance due to handhold/foothold unsuitability or lack; obstacles or levers which entangle clothes)
  • Limbs bumping and crushing due to control loss, lifted vehicle's partial or total detachment/lack of balance; negligence while connecting and detaching trailers or other operating machines and overturning caused by tractor-operating machine system instability)


It is necessary to remind that:
Access difficulty or excessive self-confidence when climbing into/getting out of a vehicle and their inappropriate moving (e.g. transport on a truck) or wrong coupling can cause accidents which may seriously harm operators even if they fall from small heights.




Climbing devices:

  • shall be place don the inside of the tractor/operating machine line;
  • shall be protected from moving devices.


It is necessary to be extremely careful in climbing on caterpillar tractor. Their climbing devices often fail in presence due to their building difficulties.


Before coupling a tractor with its equipment, it is necessary to:

  • respect the towing bulks provided by the tractor builder and the vertical loads indicated on the towing eye;
  • collocate the necessary weight in the tractor front position (weight shall be calculated correctly).


Before performing the connecting-detaching manoeuvre of the equipment, it is necessary to check if:

  • the vehicle is parked with the hand brake put on;
  • the ground on which the connecting manoeuvres are performed is flat and far from banks, ditches and cliffs (ground subsidence risk);
  • safety "plugs" are linked to the pin (by a plastic or rubber wire or chain) preventing its disconnection;
  • while performing the connecting-detaching manoeuvre of the equipment together with pedestrian, the operator must indicate the driver which manoeuvres he has to execute pronouncing them clearly and with unequivocal gestures to avoid misunderstanding.


In parking condition:

  • it is necessary to follow the information and explanations about how to use bearing devices in safety (distance between levelling feet and their locking system);
  • if the machine to connect is on tow, it is necessary to use locking wedges between wheels and the ground of the machine itself.


Bearing devices (e.g. stabilizers) shall be locked even in transport position and have to be clearly visible by the driver.


If bearing devices are detachable, they shall be stored on the machine (quick joint system is preferred).


If it is necessary to lift an equipment or a machine (to transport it or carry out maintenance):

  • use the hooking points identified (on the machine and in the instruction for use) by the builder for the lift;
  • avoid using impromptu lifting points, not projected for that function, to prevent structure deformation risks or possible machine part breaks.



  • During manoeuvres, the operators shall wear gloves, overalls without fluttering parts and safety shoes to maximise foot stability.
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Validated towing eye

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Improper bearing devide

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Hooking point