Card 03.02 Plant protection product depot



  1. Worker's direct/indirect contact with hazardous products (caused by canister spilling/falling; by worker's fall/slip/stumble/bump/entangle) with different levels of consequences:
    - Severe lethal
    - Irreversible non-lethal,after one exposition
    - Severe, after a prolonged or frequent exposition
    - Irritating
    - Sensitizing
  2. External people's involvement and intoxication and other similar injuries (due to acceding depot and/or unattended products and due to unscrupulous attention during distribution)
  3. Ground pollution caused by product dispersion (caused by trucks overturning, by container/canister reversal during preparation and during loading operation)


It is necessary to remind that:
If mixes classified as "extremely toxic", "toxic" and "noxious" are used in the Farm, there shall be at least one person who is qualified to buy plant protection product (renewable temporary licence with 5 years of validity). He/she has the responsibility for the appropriate storage and the correct use of the product.




The plant protection product depot shall be located far from work places, preferably in an isolated area with restricted access (locked entrance).


It is necessary to attach on the outside of the depot an "informative poster", synthesizing the rules to follow, and visible warning signals.


Rooms shall be kept fresh, dry and properly ventilated.


Quality and functionality of the electrical equipment shall be verified.


Floor shall not be affected by subsidences, protrusions, holes, and dangerous sloping surfaces.


Floor shall be impermeable and slanting in order to convey losses to a blind well; in case a step shall be created to block losses spil.


Walls shall be cleaned, were it necessary. Their impermeability and washability shall be guaranteed.


Shelvings shall be fixed to the floor or to the wall and put at worker's disposal. They shall be created with washable materials.


DPI shall be put at worker's disposal. Users shall be informed and compelled to use them before any product movement.


Worker shall wear DPI: safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves and boots, rubber apron or overall and particulate full face respirator.


Worker shall not be in a hurry while carrying on his/her tasks. He/she has to handle and move things with great prudence and attention.


Liquid parasitic ides shall be kept on the lower shelf whereas the powder ones in the upper shelf. Flammable ones shall be kept on fire-proof shelves (for example metallic ones).


Rooms shall be adequately ventilated storing materials in their right place.


Product containers/canisters shall be kept closed.


Parasitic ides and all hazardous products shall be kept in their original container/canister avoiding putting them in containers without labels. It is forbidden to put parasitic ides in food containers.


Worker shall not leave hazardous product remains unattended.


The depot shall be kept tidy and clean.



  • DPI shall be kept in a proper cabinet with several doors in which worker can also leave working clothes.
  • First-aid kit shall be put at people's disposal in a safe area near work places.
  • Water to wash oneself shall be put at worker's disposal near depot; basins shall not have manual control.
  • Next to the farm telephone a list of emergency numbers shall be kept in clear sight: first aid, anti-poison centres, first-aid station, nearest hospital, prevention services of the local health unit, ARPA (Environmental Protection Regional Agency) and Fire Brigades.


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