Card 06.04 Pruning



  1. Cuts to various body parts (due to sharp equipment use)
  2. Fall from heights (due to balance loss and lack of ladder and operator restraint systems use)
  3. Muscles and articulations injuries (due to extensions and hard physical effort)
  4. Bones and muscles injuries (due to uncomfortable and prolonged positions)
  5. Eyes injuries (due to branch bumps)


It is necessary to remind that:
The use of cutting equipment both motorized/fed and manual requires particular attention for the operator him/herself and the respect of a safety distance from other operators.




Operator shall always use adequate P.P.E. (gloves with strong resistance to cut and avoid loose clothing with fluttering parts) and check them periodically for any wear and tear causing lack of protection.


Operator shall always use eyes protections to avoid accidental bumps resulting in irritations or serious abrasions.


Before start working, it is advisable to check the most suitable position for the operator, according to the parts to cut, to avoid any unbalance and consequent fall. The machine shall always be stopped, while the operator is working, and check its stability and the evenness of the ground.


Maintenance shall be carried out (following the instructions manual) in order to make pruning easier.


Pictograms shall not be removed from bench equipment (pneumatic pruner, saw and chainsaw).


First-aid kit shall always be ready and complete with all predetermined material and drugs. If the operator works in a lonely place, he/she shall keep at least a medipack and a communicating system with him/her (see card 1.07 Emergency Procedures).



  • It is necessary to report any anomaly and malfunction of working equipment.
  • It is necessary to always check the stability of operating machine.
  • In case of superficial cuts, the operator shall always disinfect the wound and dress it with sterile gauze and plasters.
  • In case of deep cuts, the operator shall call the ambulance immediately (the operator shall always keep a mobile with him/her).
  • Operator shall respect breaks recommended by the Company Physician during working time.
  • Every month, it is necessary to check if the first-aid kit is complete with all predetermined material and substitute drugs out of date.
  • Operator shall keep count of useful indications contained in Cards "05.11 Pneumatic/electric pruner" and "05.15 Chainsaw".


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