Card 05.05 Fertilizer distributors






It is forbidden to perform high speed turning manoeuvres.


It is necessary to pay attention to the load on the hydraulic lifter.


It is necessary to observe the dimensions of front weight.


It is forbidden to walk on loading ramp edges.


It is forbidden to work on steep sloping ground.


It is necessary to steady the fertilizer distributor while connecting it to the tractor.


During maintenance, it is forbidden to wait under the fertilizer distributor, if it is lifted by the tractor's hydraulic lifter, without having inserted bearings locks to the machine.


During the fertilizer loading, the machine shall be stopped (stirrers inside hopper may cause hand/clothing's part entangling and create serious hazard).


The feeding stirrer inside the hopper shall be provided with a metallic net protection through which only fertilizer can pass.


During the fertilizer distribution on the field, the operator shall keep a safety distance from the machine (if touched, rotating distribution devices may cause dragging).


The operator shall keep a safety distance from the machine while it is working. Due to the centrifugal effect there may be material projection.


If the tractor is not provided with the enclosable driver's cab, the operator shall use safety earmuffs against noise and a respirator.



  • It is necessary to check compatibility with tractors.
  • It is necessary to keep clean the machines removing foreign material (detritus, greasy remains etc) which may harm the operator and may damage the machine's working.
  • It is forbidden to work with inadequate weather conditions (windy days).
  • It is forbidden to create mixes, nor distribute products without using DPI.
  • It is forbidden to load the machine over the authorized limit.
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Stirrers inside hopper without metallic net

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Protective metallic net