Card 05.04 Fruit picking truck



  • Fall from heights (need to lean forward and variations in the cart trim)
  • Slipping while climbing into/getting out of a vehicle to reach working surfaces (due to balance loss; sudden indisposition; dust, diesel, grease, oil and vegetable remains in walking areas; lack of adequate anchors for feet and/or handrail and/or handles and the like for hands)
  • Driver crushing (between command levers and machine edges; under the elevating platform and in pantograph kinematic motion and due to climbing and descending from platforms)
  • Manoeuvres mistakes Manoeuvres mistakes (due to wrong use of control and cart starting motion devices activated from the ground ­ a kind of activation which is not allowed -; accidental control activation of: a. cart translating movements; b. elevating platform lifting/lowering; c. pedals for lateral platforms extraction/re-entry)
  • Balance loss (due to overturning or accidental control activation if the machine is provided with forklift truck and elevating platform)
  • Contact with moving parts
  • Crushing (uncontrolled activation)
  • Bones and muscles aches (uncomfortable positions; regular repetition of non-natural movements and manual moving of excessive loads)
  • Intoxications (chemical agents and exhaust fumes)
  • Pressure drop and collapse (prolonged exposition to the sun without protection)
  • Auditory apparatus, muscles and articulations damage (due to excessive noise and vibrations)
  • Burns (coming in contact with overheated elements)




Before letting the worker climb into the vehicle, it is necessary he/she attended information, formation and training courses and it is advisable to ascertain he/she clearly understood all the indications.


Pneumatic compressor driving belts, cooling fan and actuation fan and current source belt shall be protected from accidental contact (through grids or fixed/moving protections).


Fork chains shall be provided with a device preventing the risk of their respective cogwheels discharge.


The elevating platform system (pantograph kinematic motion) shall be provided with suitable protections for the lateral elements (e.g. rolling sheet).


Moving platform descending motion shall be stopped by an emergency device ("red mushroom" push button).


The stopping of the engine shall be achieved by an emergency stop device (mushroom push button, wires, taut rope, pneumatic safety edge etc) easy to reach both from the driver's seat and the front passenger seat, not to mention from working operators.


The hydraulic elevator machine shall be provided with devices preventing the climbing or the descending of the hydraulic plate (if quick gear inserted), sensitive elements of mobile platform descent control and the platform descent control valve.


It is necessary to pay attention not to bump on lateral translation activation pedals, even if they shall be adequately protected.


Moving bodies system shall be provided with devices preventing bodies sliding on rollers.


Control system and cart moving devices which can be activated from the ground are forbidden.


Moving control shall be of "jog command" kind. If the machine is provided with an automatic driving system, during slow advancing the control cannot be of "jog command" kind.


Machine hydraulic distributors levers shall be of "dead man switch" kind.


If elevating platform levers are placed both on the ground and on the plate, their activation can not be simultaneous.


In order to avoid overturning, it is necessary to provide the machine with sloping measurement device or with a protection structure against overturning (complete with operator restraint system).


A plate shall indicate the maximum load in kg and the number of people who can be on board.


In the openings of platform access zones, moving gates shall be placed (preferably telescopic ones).


A parapet with holding-foot belts shall be placed all along the platform perimeter if the height exceeds 1 m (even if parapets are telescopic or can be lowered).


A platform must be anti-skid and liquid draining.


Were it necessary, operator shall use DPI (safety shoes, gloves, goggles and ear protectors).



  • Before starting, it is necessary to check ground conditions to determine dangerous spots and the most adequate way of working.
  • The operators shall be informed on controls and stopping/locking/emergency devices.
  • While working, the platform gates must be closed.
  • Operators aboard shall not be more than the authorized number.
  • In towed platforms it is forbidden to control the tractor from the platform by control extensions (e.g. to steer the tractor's wheel).
  • It is forbidden to unload or put harvest bins, even temporarily, on uneven ground.
  • It is forbidden to operate transfer with forks and lifted platform if the driver is not the only person aboard.
  • Before starting, if plant protection products have been used recently, it is necessary to check the safety card or the preparation label to adopt adequate precautions according to re-entry intervals, risks and the necessity of P.P.E..
  • It is advisable to raise or change the direction of the exhausting fumes (were it necessary).
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