Card 05.07 Crop protection



  • Crushing while connecting and separating the machine to the tractor (operators must be careful with the liquid in the tank which may create hazardous instability)
  • Touching moving devices (during spraying phase)
  • Touching hazardous substances (while working with plant protection products: load/unloading and products spraying)
  • Contamination and liquid projection under pressure (flexible pipes break, especially those next the operator if the controls are next to driver’s seat)
  • Suffocation (in case of considerable dimension tanks when the operator enters the tank without P.P.E.)
  • Slipping and fall from working positions (during tank loading)
  • Running down people (during manoeuvre operations)




It is forbidden to put hands or fingers in the fan zone and where nozzles are placed if the machine is running.


Openings through which is possible accessing the fan shall be protected with adequate grids.
These shall not compromise swirl in order to enable the right product distribution, but at the same time, they shall be close enough to prevent finger’s passage.


While opening and closing the spraying arms, it is necessary to pay attention to the crushing due to the uncontrolled arms release.


Arms which can be manually open and closed shall be provided with two handles to maximize the operator’s grip.


If the opening and closing of the arms is automatised, the control button has to be a jog command and placed outside the rotating arm zone.


On the double effect hydraulic cylinder, which opens and closes the arms, a locking valve shall be placed to prevent arm’s falling due to a decrease of hydraulic pressure while opening or closing them (hose brake and power decrease).


The machine shall be steadied and put on an even ground during connecting, filling/emptying and maintenance operations.


It is necessary to check for power overhead wires especially if, during opening operations, arms reach 4m of height.


It is necessary to pay attention to the risks of running down people or animals and of bumping things.


During the atomizer connection to the tractor, it is advisable to check hydraulic pipes and avoid any pipe bend (the constriction may provoke failures and explosions causing high temperature liquid spillage).


The part of the flexible pipe next to the rigid ones is the most exposed to cracks and breaks. Flexible pipes shall be protected with sheathing and fixed with clamps to the rigid pipe.


It is necessary to check the pressure indicated on the manometer and respect the authorized maximum limits.


After filling the tank, it is advisable to check if the cap is perfectly closed.


In case the operator comes in contact with plant protection products, he/she must immediately and accurately wash him/herself.


During all the working phase (loading, spraying and unloading):

  • it is necessary to use always P.P.E. (waterproof overall and gloves, and respirator);
  • it is forbidden to eat or smoke.


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Fan with protection grid

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Fan without protection grid

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Flexible hydraulic pipes protected with sheathing

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Cap: it shall be provided with chain and safety valve

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Manometer with safety valve

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Water tank complete with tap


  • It is necessary to check compatibility with tractors.
  • It is necessary to keep clean the machines removing foreign material (detritus, greasy remains etc) which may harm the operator and may damage the machine’s working.
  • It is forbidden to work with inadequate weather conditions (windy days).
  • It is forbidden to create mixes, or distribute products without using P.P.E..
  • It is forbidden to load the machine over the authorized limit.
  • It is advisable to measure how much product shall be prepared and distributed trying not to leave remains.