Card 01.06 Accident management



  • Compensatory income decrease
  • Lack of law knowledge
  • Lack of one's self rights/duties knowledge
  • Role underestimation
  • Sanctions due to lack of communication


It is necessary to remind that:
In case of accidents or occupational diseases, the rules to follow are rigid and "telling the truth" on what happened is considered a duty. It is necessary to avoid to follow into common places such as "it is always worker's fault" or "it is always employer's fault". Heavy sanctions are imposed when an accident or a occupational disease are not reported.




When an accident occurs, the worker shall:

Inform immediately the Employer, the farm Officer and the Safety Workers Representative, reporting clearly the causes and the circumstances of the accident and the name of any witness.


Bring the Employer the first medical certificate, as soon as the doctor issues it.


Bring the Employer the second medical certificate, if it is necessary to extend times.


When an accident occurs, the employer shall:

Bring INAIL the report of the accident within 48 hours from the receipt of the first medical certificate (in the future only via internet).


Write out the report on the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) form, together with the original medical certificates.


In the same way, bring a copy of the report to the Public Safety Authority of the municipality in which the accident has occurred.


In case of an occupational disease, the worker shall:

Inform the employer within 15 days from the first symptoms of the disease, and bring him the first medical certificate and other ones (if any), if he/she is still working.


Bring INAIL the acknowledgement of a claim for the occupational disease together with the original medical certificates, if he/she is not working at the moment.


In case of an occupational disease, the employer shall:

Bring INAIL the report of the Occupational Disease together with medical certificate (sent in by the worker or INAIL) within 5 days from having learnt it by the worker (or INAIL).



  • If a doctor proves the existence of one of the occupational diseases contained either in INAIL's lists or not listed but of probable occupational origin, he/she shall inform the employer and must report to INAIL and the local health unit of the area.
  • If the accident or the disease are not reported, the right to benefits prescribes within 3 years from the day of the accident or from the first symptoms of the disease.
  • INPS and INAIL keep in contact, therefore in case of a submission mistake (to INPS instead of INAIL), benefits are provided at any rate.
  • If in doubt, the worker can refer to Patronage and the Employer can refer to Company Organizations.
  • Anyway, employer will weight if and how intervene on causes (of the accident and/or of the occupational disease but even of the "almost-accident") to eliminate hazardous situations and restore safety levels proportional to risk.
  • RSPP (usually the Employer him/herself) shall develop a training programme for every worker enabling them to understand the real causes of the accident and to know the new prevention measures adopted in the farm.
  • RLS (if present) has the right to be informed about the accident and/or occupational disease by the Employer and to examine all accident documents. He/she shall call a meeting to discuss the causes of the accident and the measures to implement (if possible or necessary) in order to deal with the dangerous situation underlined by the accident.


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